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My Kangen Reports is a web site dedicated to helping people “Change your Water” Change your Life”. We have tried to bring as many resources as possible into one web site.  In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our Enagic and the benefits of Kangen Water.

Kangen drinking water has incredible alkalizing, antioxidant, and super-hydrating properties which cleanse the body and promote overall health and energy.

We want to invite you to explore as many areas of information as you would like. The forums are a great asset in answering any questions you might have.

 If you have any questions or would like to speak with a My Kangen Reports representative regarding the site, please e-mail us at or call at 208 941-4406.

At My Kangen Reports, our biggest priority is information and helping you understand the importance of drinking water, and more importantly Kangen Water. 


ASEA is not connected with Enagic in any way  but I think is worth mentioning here. It took ASEA scientists 16 years to develop and stabilize outside of the human body a redox "signaling molecule", the same molecules that healthy bodies make every day, molecules which help our sometimes overworked and less than optimum immune systems.

ASEA is the only science based product on the market that supplements the balanced set of reactive molecules, mirroring those produced naturally by healthy cells to protect and fortify the body. ASEA's unique formula "locks in" the reactive molecules to make them stable for over a year. As a result, ASEA is a unique natural supplement that helps balance the body's chemistry and supports the overall function of the immune system. Antioxidants only work if there is a correct balance of reactive molecules that turn them on.

Two of the most powerful natural antioxidants that exist in cells are Glutathione (GSH or GPx) and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). To demonstrate the ability of ASEA to "turn on" the body's most powerful antioxidant defenses, research has shown that ASEA can:

1) Accelerates the production of the body's own antioxidants, including Glutathione, and Catalase.
2) Support virtually all functions of the immune system
3) Enhance the body's natural antioxidant defense system
4) Protect and fortify healthy cells

The result is an effective immune system and an overall health improvement.

If you would like to learn more about ASEA and how it can improve your overall health click here.

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