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My name is Eddy. I live in Kansas City, Kansas. In August of 2006, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent surgery twice to have it removed and subsequently it was identified as an aggressive melanoma. Six weeks later the tumor grew back and I underwent a third surgery. While recuperating I learned about the health benefits of Kangen™ water and started drinking the water.

I went to MD Anderson in Houston for another opinion. Upon reviewing the tests they stated that I had six months to live. The cure rate on this type of cancer was 20%. I returned home and continued the regimen of drinking Kangen™ water and ate as nutritionally as I could. I also had 16 whole brain radiation treatments and chemotherapy. The last CT scan of the brain showed no reoccurring tumor.

All I can say is I know the Kangen™ water has helped me. I donít think I would be where I am had it not been for prayer and getting my body back in balance with Kangen™ water.

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